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Our Beginnings

Back in 2014 Dave & Crystal Pentecost began a family business for roofing services in the central Saskatchewan area. During this time they encountered a client who, unbeknownst to him, had bats roosting in his attic. Dave saw this as an opportunity to get certified and expand their business. Soon after he made a trip to the United States and got certified to the W.C.T. (Wildlife Control Training) Group. Since then DTS Roofing & Bat Services have split their time during the seasons to safely remove unwanted bats and efficiently install different types of roofing shingles. As of today their phone hasn't stopped ringing off the hook and DTS Roofing & Bat Services are always committed to working in a safe and timely fashion for you.

Mission Statement

DTS Roofing & Bat Services will always fully commit to every customer by following our Five Point Pledge:

1. To set and achieve specific project deadlines.

2. To protect and prepare your home before and during all work.

3. To clean up daily and leave your property as clean as when we found it.

4. To accurately price your job. Your project will be free from hidden costs or shortcuts.

5. To avoid unnecessary surprises by keeping communication ongoing throughout our projects.

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